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Weight Loss & Metabolic Medicine

Physician Guided Weight Loss Programs, Spring, TX

We know that managing your weight and metabolism is complex. For most people, it is not as simple as calories in, calories out, and will power.

At Fit & Well, MD, we are committed to helping you find long-term success with your weight loss goals. Our entire team is focused on guiding and supporting you through every step of your journey.

Using the latest techniques and tools, your program will include a thorough metabolic assessment and plan, nutrition and behavioral counseling, weight loss medications (where appropriate), and ongoing guidance and support to help you attain, then maintain your goals!

We will create a custom plan based on your personal history, metabolism, and preferences as well as cutting-edge advances in nutrition, behavioral science, and medicine.

Weight Loss Programs

FitWell MD IBT: Intensive Behavioral Therapy

FitWell MD IBT:
Intensive Behavioral Therapy

This is a program that focuses on behavioral changes. It requires weekly “check in” sessions (in person or remotely through our telehealth video platform). Patients work with a registered dietitian to implement a meal plan for weight loss (with or without meal placements).

FitWell, MD Metabolic Reset

FitWell, MD Metabolic Reset:
Our Group Accountability Program

This is a 6 month group accountability program that includes:

  • An individual Eating Plan (either whole foods or 3 meal replacements (shakes and/or bars) + 1 regular meal)
  • Monthly individual dietitian visits
  • An Exercise Plan
  • Weekly Group Zoom meetings with Dietitian/Health Coach
  • A Facebook Accountability Group
  • Tracking through an app (may link Nokia scale, Fitbit, and/or Apple Watch)

FitWell, MD LCD: Partial Meal Replacement Program

FitWell, MD LCD:
Partial Meal Replacement Program

This pathway combines the use of meal replacements with a calorie/carb-controlled meal. Most participants consume four to five meal replacements daily. The flexibility of this plan will allow you to eat with family and friends while losing weight.

Bariatric Surgery Support - Fit Well MD

Bariatric Surgery Support

Our Bariatric Surgery Support Program is for individuals who are preparing to undergo bariatric surgery, as well as those who are struggling post-operatively with their weight and need additional weight management care. This program includes services such as ongoing medical treatment with anti-obesity medications, nutrition counseling, accountability, and support as well as monitoring for nutritional deficiencies.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

FitWell, MD Thrive Maintenance Program

FitWell, MD Thrive Maintenance Program

After our patients reach their goal weight and health, they transition to our Thrive Maintenance Program. The frequency of visits varies, depending on a patient’s particular medical conditions and individual accountability requirements. Patients often also require ongoing medication and treatment strategies to maintain weight loss. Patients also continue to have access to monthly accountability sessions (in person or remotely) and our Facebook accountability group.

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